County Manager Discusses State of County

Washoe County, Nevada
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WASHOE COUNTY, NV - Washoe County is on the way to recovery, but it still has a ways to go. That was the message delivered in Tuesday's State of the County message. The address touched on all things that have improved in the last 12 months, but it also called out some things still needing work.

A new chief was at the helm of the state of the county address. John Slaughter took over as Washoe County Manager in November, and on Tuesday, he assessed the county's current condition.

"Since 2007, Washoe County has reduced its staffing levels by 600 staff members. However I would say last year was the first year we were able to add staff back," said Slaughter.

It's a sign of recovery the county is proud of. also, it's proud of other accomplishments. The sheriff's office saved $700,000 by keeping some inmates out of jail and instead on house arrest. The D.A. collected $26 million in child support payments. The Truckee Meadows Fire Department responded to nearly 8,000 calls.

"We're setting out over the next year to make sure that we talk about not only our signature services but also those services that people may not be quite aware of," said Slaughter.

There will be an expansion of services in the next year, but moving forward, not everything is perfect in Washoe County. Money is still tight.

"My budget message to our departments is to stay the course, hold your line on expenditures," said Slaughter

The idea is to continue to do more with less. The next big hurdle for the county will be the budget, which they will start discussing in the coming weeks.