Country Stars Raise Money for Cancer

RENO, Nev. - Country stars Collin Raye and Lacy J. Dalton help raise money for charity at the 4th Annual Lin Phillips Jam Session at John Ascuaga's Nugget Sunday.

The Jam Session brings together varying groups of musicians ranging from Jazz and Alternative, to Country.

"It's just such a wonderful way to remember Lin," Scot Marshall, a friend and fellow musician said.

When local musician Lin Phillips passed away from cancer 4 years ago, he asked that his funeral not be a said event. So friends and family gathered together for the original jam session.

Phillips' friends remember him as a wonderful family man and someone who was truly gifted with a guitar.

But Phillips' influence reached past Northern Nevada. His life impacted some of music's big names, like Country star Collin Raye.

"Lin was one of the dearest friends I ever had," Raye said. "In the days I was learning how to do this for a living, cutting my teeth in Oregon where I met him and here in Reno for 5 years, he and I were like Batman and Robin."

Raye's appearance helped pack the audience and raise more money for charity.

"After the first jam session, we decided to use it to help people here," Denise Banks, a friend and the event organizer said.

This year's event is raising money for a new local charity called Cancer Awareness of Nevada, or CAN.

The new charity was started by a group of people who have all been affected by cancer.

'I am a breast cancer survivor," Carol Lopez, a CAN Board of Trustee member said. "I myself am still getting bills coming in from cancer treatments."

Instead of using the money for cancer research, CAN gives money to families going through cancer treatments to help cover everyday costs.

"To help them with their grocery bills, or their rent as they go through treatment," Banks said.

Every musician, including Raye and Dalton, donated their time so that 100% of the proceeds can be donated to the charity.