Council Approves $330k Payout to Deputy Chief Evans

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RENO, NV - The Reno City Council Wednesday agreed to pay up to $330,000 to a deputy chief it wants to fire for his alleged inappropriate behavior within the department.

Deputy Chief Dave Evans was allegedly caught on tape telling another officer how to get out of an internal affairs investigation. The things he said reflected badly upon the police department, which wants to fire him, but the recording was illegal because it was obtained by another officer.

A district court judge would not allow the recording as evidence, and the city appealed the decision to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Evans remains on paid administrative leave while the parties wait out a court date.

"If the legal process takes us two to four years to do that, we are paying him $267,000 salary plus benefits. He could accrue a million dollars worth of payments to him to accomplish what we have done by this agreement."

The council members were not happy with the decision, but ultimately agreed to settle the lawsuit out of court. They'll pay Evans $330,000 to retire as of October 1st.