Could Nevada Allow Marijuana Use?

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RENO -- Nevada voters could again consider whether to allow people to legally use marijuana. The voters have twice rejected the idea, and state lawmakers failed to approve a recreational pot use bill last year.

Paperwork filed with the Nevada Secretary of State's office showed a registration for a political action committee, called the "Campaign to Regulate Marijuana." The purpose of the committee is described as follows: "to research and support the effort to regulate and tax marijuana in Nevada." Efforts to reach the committee were not successful by deadline.

It was through the initiative process, which involves gathering voter signatures, medical marijuana use was de-criminalized in Nevada.

Washoe County Registrar of Voters LuAnne Cutler said no petition language had been filed. However, she said if the same avenue is used to try to legalize recreational pot, more than 101-thousand signatures would have to be turned in. She added the signatures must be collected in different districts throughout the state. The deadline is in November.