Coping with the Renown Complex Shooting

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RENO, NV -- Places once safe, turned into crime scenes. We saw it at Sparks Middle School in October and again this week in a building at Renown Regional Medical Center. Even for those not involved, it can be an emotional stresser.

"Some people will start to become more paranoid or hyper vigilant about things like this. So wherever they are going they are going to be always on the lookout," said Dr. Michael Freda, a family therapist with experience in traumatic issues such as Tuesday's shooting.

"If your family or friends of individuals that were involved in this. Pay attention to what is going on. Don't just discount it," said Freda.

At a press conference Wednesday morning we learned the people actually involved in the incident are being helped.

"Our roll is to provide crisis intervention, victim advocacy and support to victims of crime and community tragic events such as yesterday's," said Lori Fralick with Reno Police Victim Services.

The 40 witnesses, three victims, and their families are all receiving essential support.

"This is obviously a huge loss for them, very very tragic and they are just beginning a long journey," said Fralick.

But Freda says the hurt is not limited to just them. In a community tragedy like this one, even people who see the acts on television can be affected.

"If anybody is having any problems, even if it is a hard time getting to sleep or a hard time staying asleep, then seek the help of a professional," said Freda.