Convicted Killer Loren Herzog Found Dead

Inmate Loren Herzog. Photo Courtesy of the Stockton Record
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SUSANVILLE, Calif. (AP) - State officials say convicted serial
killer Loren Herzog has committed suicide.

KCRA-TV reports Herzog hanged himself and prison officials found his body early Tuesday morning. He had been living in a trailer outside the High Desert State Prison in Lassen County since his release in 2010.

KCRA reports the Department of Justice said Herzog died at 12:30
a.m. Tuesday.

Herzog and his friend Wesley Shermantine were each initially
convicted for a series of killings in San Joaquin County.

Herzog served 11 years of a 78-year sentence before an appeals
court reduced the term, ruling his statements were illegally

Parole agents went to Herzog's home around midnight Tuesday when
a low-battery alarm on his GPS unit went off.

State and county authorities are investigating his death.