Controversial Calls Impact Sports Books

RENO, NV - John Harris says he comes to the sports book here at the Peppermill a couple of times a month to bet on the ponies.

On this day he says just about everyone here is in a race to talk about what happened yesterday at the Seahawks-Packers game.

“You know I feel sorry for the referees. They are in a huge predicament. They are throwing money at them I am sure. They want to do a good job, and the game is too fast, there is too much at stake, and they are in a tough spot,” says Harris.

The Packers were the favorite in the game, it's estimated $350,000,000 worldwide changed hands because of the call.

Does Harris think gamblers will wash their hands of betting on pro football this year?

“I think Steve Young had it right. People will watch no matter what they put on the field,” says Harris.

“Our business is as good as ever, for the first three weeks of NFL season. We've been packed for all the games. Our business, our ticket counts, handle is as good as ever and you know in a way its almost like people watching the game are watching more closely than they used to, “ says the Peppermill's Sports Book Manager Terry Cox.

Cox says even professional referees make mistakes in calling plays.

It's part of the game.

So is rain, snow, wind, and unforeseen injuries----rarely can you predict what will happen next, which is all part, he says of the excitement of gambling