Company Brings 150 - 200 Jobs to Reno

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Reno, NV - Inside the Peppermill, a major announcement that brought out Reno's mayor. A Toronto-based company plans to open an office here in town and hire between 150 to 200 people. Most of those jobs are full-time positions.

"This company is going to be up and running within the next 15 to 20 days," said Bob Cashell, Reno Mayor. "So those are jobs that will be coming out on the market right now."

The company is called One Contact, Inc. It operates centers that take customer calls for various clients. The CEO says he can't divulge which big clients it serves, but he was very open about the fact that this is a great market to find the kind of employees he's looking for.

"I like to see the first flurry of resumes as they come through just to understand the quality that we're getting," said Michael Hilmer, CEO of One Contact, Inc. "Really good quality. Really good people."

The CEO admits Reno wasn't even on his company's radar when it was looking to expand. But a consulting group suggested he take a good look at Northern Nevada.

"You know, we got to looking at the unemployment rate in the community, kind of what it has to offer on a grand scale and the facility made great sense. You know, those three things together for us. Actually made it a no brainer," said Hilmer.

"It's a great feeling because Reno really has something to sell," said Mayor Cashell. "Our quality of life and everything is really good and you know, once people study it - they know what we've got here so it makes it exciting to come here."

One Contact will set up its office at the old social security administration building at 1175 Financial Boulevard in East Reno. But filling up that space is just the beginning.

"When you talk to the CEO, you understand he's looking at a long term investment in this community that will likely be a lot more than 200 jobs. So it really is exciting," said Mike Kazmierski, President and CEO of EDAWN.

The jobs will pay between $12 an hour and $60,000 a year. The best way to apply is online through Nevada Jobs Connect at