Commissioner Kitty Jung Regrets Encounter with Officers

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RENO, NV - Commissioner Kitty Jung was not arrested, but several officers wrote she was uncooperative as they responded to a call. Now, Jung says she regrets the situation, and apologizes to those involved.

"I've apologized to everyone involved I've always supported law enforcement," Jung said.

In July, Reno police officers received a call of a fight. According to the officers' narratives, when they arrived at a home near UNR, they found Jung. An officer wrote Jung said: 'do you know who I am? I'm the f-ing county commissioner.' Officers also wrote Jung swore and shouted at them. Documents showed she was put in a police vehicle and handcuffed.

"I was trying to identify myself that I was there to help," Jung said.

Although officers wrote there was probable cause to arrest Jung, she was not arrested. She said she did not receive special treatment.

"Absolutely no special treatment and I insisted on that," Jung said.

The Reno City Attorney's Office said it could not be proven Jung obstructed or resisted officers. She was not arrested or charged.

"I used strong language in a very serious situation, I absolutely regret the situation."

Jung also said she had been at a barbecue and had consumed a glass of wine, but was not inebriated. Officers wrote Jung smelled of alcohol.

Jung also said she no longer believes police mis-treated her. She added she was speaking on the matter against the advice of her attorney.

Jung, who has served on the Washoe County Commission for more than four years, is seeking the ward five seat on the Reno City Council.

"Always cutting is not the way to prosperity and economic growth," Jung said. She said her work with the county's budget would prove useful to the City.

Jung also said there is division between the City and County. She said the county's plan for fire services leaves areas without enough coverage. "The community is definitely in need of unification between different boards and commissions and I believe I could be the soft touch."

Jung has served in a variety of public roles, including as community liaison for two Reno City Councilmembers. She is currently the lone Democrat on the Board of Washoe County Commissioners.

Jung said public safety would be a top priority if elected. "You can't have a quality of life if you don't feel safe in your own home and your own community," she said.

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