Opt Out of Smart Meter for a Price

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Carson City, Nev. – The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada has approved a trial smart meter opt-out program.

This decision allows consumers to receive a non-communicating digital meter instead of a smart meter. The commission also adjusted NV Energy’s original opt-out proposal and approved lower rates for a one-time installation fee as well as a recurring monthly charges for the alternative meter.

A non-communicating digital meter requires a manual reading once a month, while a smart meter transmits data wirelessly throughout the day.

The commission said the non-communicating digital meter better addresses customer concerns associated with smart meters, radio transmissions and the collection of interval data.

In Northern Nevada, installation cost for electric meters is $107.66, with an extra monthly charge of $8.04. Customers in Northern Nevada opting out of a smart meter will pay a one-time fee of $6.08 with no ongoing extra charges.

In Southern Nevada, the upfront installation fee is $98.75 for electric meters, with a recurring monthly charge of $8.14.

Check out the link below for more information on the "Opt Out" program.