Comic Shops and Book Stores Celebrate Batman Day

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RENO, NV - It's been 75 years since Batman first appeared in comics, and his popularity has stood the test of time because he is proof that you don't need special powers to be a superhero. July 23rd is Batman Day and in Reno there are a couple of ways people can celebrate the dark knight's big day.

Comic Kingdom on Moana Lane will be giving away a limited supply of free copies of Detective Comics #27. The special edition will feature a re-imagining of the caped crusader's comic book debut. The shop will also be handing out free batman masks.

Barnes and Noble bookstores will be having several events today as well. At 11 am kids can attend a superhero training course where they will create their own persona and get to battle a villain. Barnes and Noble will also be having costume contests for both children and adults at 3 pm. There will be raffles and lots of prizes to give away.