Cold Weather Creates Possibility of Broken Pipes

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SPARKS, NV -- A local plumbing service said it has seen an increase in call about broken pipes as a cold trend continues. Jim Walker, president of Jet Plumbing in Sparks, said it is important to know how to shut off the water if a pipe breaks at your home.

"If they know where the shut off valve is that can save a lot of grief after the problem has occurred," Walker said.

He said calls about broken pipes are most common after a night, day and then another night with the temperature remaining below freezing.

Foam insulation for pipes, as well as covers for outside spickets are sold at local home improvement stores.

Walker said people may want to consider opening cabinets under sinks to allow heat to reach pipes. He also said to make sure vents on your home's foundation are closed, preventing very cold air from reaching pipes.

Walker said it is important to properly drain your sprinkler system in the autumn to prevent pipes from splitting.

Colder than average temperatures are forecast to continue for the Reno area through the weekend.

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