Cold Temperatures Threaten Pets

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RENO/SPARKS -- Veterinarians are urging people not to leave their pets outside amid sub-freezing temperatures. Bob Baker of Baring Boulevard Animal Hospital in Sparks says animals could get frostbite and lose limbs. Baker says salt used to treat the roadways can also be irritating to animals' paws.

"There are some breeds of dogs... that just love this kind of weather; they thrive in it; they still have to come inside," Baker said.

Kim Chandler of the Nevada Humane Society says time outside is being limited for some dogs. She says other dogs and all cats are being kept inside. She cautions people animals' sense of smell can be affected by the snow, making it more difficult for them to find their way home if they get lost.

Chandler also says people need to be careful to make sure cats don't take refuge from the cold in the engines of vehicles.

If you have a concern about a neighborhood animal's welfare, call Animal Services... Washoe dispatch number is 322-3647 (DOGS).