Cleanup on Moose Ridge Drive

RENO, NV - Those hit the hardest during Monday's mudslide lived on Moose Ridge Drive.

“I think because ours is the first house here, we kind of held it back for everyone else. Pretty much our front and back yard is covered in mud, and rocks and garbage and anything else that was on the hill there,” says Victoria Crockett who lives at 2996 Moose Ridge Drive.

Plumbers and disaster restoration companies all were at Victoria Crockett's home early Tuesday morning.

Her lawn is now covered with a thick blanket of mud. The water and dirt continued to flow toward the house and into the backyard--her dogs have had to find another place to stay because of the mess.

But there's mess below ground as well. The mud slide dumped into the crawl space of the home.

Video taken with our camera by one of the technicians shows how wet it is and why it needs to be treated with anti-microbial solution to prevent mold and other problems.

Above ground and down the street, city of Reno sweepers are loosening the dried mud and picking it up.

Pressure washers followed to further remove the caked on crud.

Some neighbors used just good elbow grease and a broom to help each other out and clean the sidewalks.

The pace is a lot slower now when compared to Monday night, where residents salvaged what they could.