Cleaning Up After the Storm

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A lot of businesses that prepared for the worst over the weekend have started putting away away their sandbags and clearing off the debris that flew around. But they're thankful they're not having to do flood cleanup instead.

At Resource Action Programs in the Industrial Area of Sparks, warehouse workers spent the day on Monday returning products to the bottom to shelves. That's after spending Friday and Saturday moving the items up, just in case of flooding.
That's three days the company has not been able to make or ship products. But the man who runs the place says he doesn't regret all the preparations they made.

"Had it actually flooded, we would be out of business for quite a long time, so, if it happens again, we'll do the same thing," says Joe Thrasher, President of Resource Action Programs.

The principal of I Can Do Anything Charter High School in East Reno understands. They unplugged and moved all of their computers over the weekend and had to put sandbags outside of the building. That took a lot of resources from such a small school of about 270 students. They even had to start classes two hours later than usual on Monday, to give their maintenance workers time to get everything back to order.

"We'd much rather be proactive than reactive," says Carol White, Principal of I Can Do Anything Charter High School. "And what's important to us is making sure we keep our building secure so that we can get back to business and educating kids because that's what we're all about."