City of Reno, Residents Discuss Midtown Parking Options

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RENO, NV - City officials met with Midtown residents and business leaders at City Hall Wednesday to talk about possibly allowing more parking on Center Street.

"There's an area between Taylor and Virginia Street that currently has parking on one side of the street and we're looking at possibly eliminating one travel lane to increase parking and add fourteen additional spaces," Reno Assistant Civil Engineer Kurt Dietrich said.

About a dozen Midtown residents and business owners met to discuss the plan and other options to add more parking in the area.

"We want the area to grow so we want to hear reaction from those business owners and homeowners in that vicinity to see their concerns and see if it's something we want to continue to push."

Some of the attendees expressed concerns with taking Center Street down to one lane.

"Safety concerns is a huge factor, another factor is meters or restricting parking to a few hours," William Swope said. He's looking into business opportunities in the Midtown district. "When people are down here shopping and walking around, no one wants to run back to their car. That's no fun and that's what Midtown is trying to create, a relaxed atmosphere."

City officials will review Wednesday's comments as they move forward.

"This is more of a preliminary meeting to see what the neighborhood would like," Dietrich said. "We'll take it back, do some research and see if it is viable."