City of Reno Installing Coin-Operated Meters

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RENO -- The City of Reno took Curb System parking kiosks offline during the weekend and is now re-installing coin-operated meters.

Assistant City Manager Cadence Matijevich said if people park in a space where a meter has not yet been installed, parking is free. However, she said people should still follow the time requirements for the space, posted nearby. Some of the time limits are posted on the kiosks, along with signs indicated the kioks are no longer in service.

Matijevich says the City of Reno ended its agreement with Curb System after numerous problems with the kiosks, which were supposed to accept credit cards or coins. She said sometimes the units refused to accept certain types of payment.

However, Curb System said in an internet statement that Reno misled the company as to enforcement efforts, electrical capabilities and whether advertising could be placed on the kiosks, among other issues. Curb states Reno breached its agreement.

Matijevich said the system had problems since it was installed in late 2010, and the City has lost $800-thousand in revenue.

She said the City will pursue "remedies."

Crews began installing the coin-operated meters Monday. The meters being installed will be the same ones that were removed to make way for the Curb System program. Matijevich said the City of Reno would still like to shift to another system which would accept different forms of payment besides only coins. A request for proposals will likely be issued this week, she said. She added the search would include a more "robust" vetting.

Half the meters that once existed in the downtown area are being installed -- roughly 600 in the highest demand parking areas, according to the City of Reno.