City Council Race Heats Up

RENO, NV - “I started to get phone calls on my cell phone of numbers I didn't recognize and there was a fairly large volume of them and none of them were interested in leaving a message, and no one ever called twice, so I thought something is going on and then eventually one message came through,” says Neoma Jardon, candidate for Reno City Council

“I am tired of your robocalls for what ever reason. If you can't put a person on, don't call this number again. I'm tired of it. Is that good enough?” was one message left by a male caller.

Jardon says the calls to her cell phone were all generated by her opponent Kitty Jung.

Jardon claims Jung sent a robocall to local resident's phones telling them to press one on their phones to quote: "Tell Neoma Jardon to stop lying."

If the recipient complied, those calls Jardon says went directly to her cell phone.

Such calls are illegal with both state and federal laws.

“Very clear, FCC guidelines, you cannot. It prohibits that you call cell phones with political robo messages in particular,” says Jardon.

Jardon believes the most recent calls were precipitated by mailers she recently sent out to voters highlighting Jung's run-ins with local law enforcement.

While Jung did not return my calls to appear on camera, she did send this response---apparently *not* denying she set up the calls.

Jung's response reads "Its incredible hypocrisy for my opponent to complain about phone calls. The company for which she's a director and key employee, First National Collection, makes harassing phone calls for a living. They've been known to call individuals hundreds of times, and they got an F-grade from the Better Business Bureau after 300 complaints were filed.
I on the other hand, put two dozen voters in touch with her campaign headquarters to urge Jardon to stop lying about me. There's absolutely no comparison.”

If Jung is found to have violated federal law, she could face fines in the tens of thousands of dollars