Reno City Council Approves Licensing of Pedicabs

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RENO, Nev. - The Reno City Council approves an amendment to the Reno Municipal Code that allows for licensing of pedicabs.

Several new sections are included in the ordinance that provide licensing requirements, minimum operating requirements and safety regulations for the operation of pedicabs in the City of Reno.

The ordinance also allows pedicab owners or operators the option to maintain the required liability insurance.

There are some key stipulations that must be followed. The operator or owner must possess a valid work card, pedicabs can not operate on roadways with a posted speed limit of more than thirty-five miles per hour, a sign must be posted indicating the maximum number of riders allowed, operators must provide a rate card showing the cost of riding, liability insurance and penalty for not displaying a valid business license.

Before this amendment there was no regulation on pedicabs.