'Chubby Cat or Dog' Promotion Offers Discounts Based on Animal's Weight

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RENO, NV - Looking to adopt a furry companion but can't afford the adoption price? The Nevada Humane Society is holding a promotion where people can adopt an animal at a discounted price.

During the "Chubby Cat" adoption promotion (March 5 -9, 2014), people can adopt an adult cat for $50; for every pound the cat weights, one dollar will be taken off the adoption fee, according to an official with the Nevada Humane Society.

There is also a "Chubby Dog" promotion, where dogs can be adopted for $50; for each pound the dog weighs, the person will receive a pound of dog food, according to the official.

For example, if the dog weighs 50 pounds, the person receives 50 pounds of dog food for free, according to the official.

The official says all dogs and cats are spayed, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before being adopted.

Nevada Humane Society is located at 2825 Longley Lane in Reno. For more information, call 775-856-2000.