Chinese New Year Preparations

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RENO, Nev. -- It's the middle of February but the celebration of a new year is just beginning in Chinese Tradition. It's the most important traditional Chinese holiday of the year, but what does Chinese New Year mean?

Kicking off the year of the snake, people all around the world are prepping for the 15-day celebration. Decorations of red and gold cover hallways, doors and windows expressing luck and well wishes for a prosperous new year.

For 2 Guys From Hong Kong Owner, David Li, it's a time dedicated to family and tradition.

"From our childhood it is the happiest day we can remember. We get together with family members and my mother and father prepared really good food, I still remember," he said.

The more food, the better as it symbolizes good fortune and wealth. Li brings tradition to his restaurant with recipes from his mother for everyone to enjoy.

"There is one important thing is visiting someone important to you not just your family, but close friends and even your teacher who taught you to be who you are today," he said.

When you visit family and friends, be sure to bring a gift like red envelops or fruit like apple and tangerines, which represent luck. If you come empty handed it's considered to be rude.

"There is a rule for which day you stay home like on new year's day you don't visit anybody, you stay home, the following day you visit," Li said.

Traditions like this are necessary for a successful new year. People also exchange red envelops full of money as a symbol of wealth.

Based on the lunar calendar, Chines New Year is a different day every year. This year it falls on Sunday, Feb. 10.

People born on the year of the snake are said to be thoughtful and wise. To find out more about local events participating in the celebration, click on the link below.