Charter Goes All-Digital: Questions Asked & Answered

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RENO, NV - You've probably seen the announcements by now. Charter Communications, the major cable TV provider in the Reno market is about to go all-digital.

The company promises a clearer picture and better service, but when change is in the air, confusion and concern aren't far behind.

Actually, although tens of thousands of us are Charter cable customers, these changes, which start next week and will be complete by the 11th, only affect some.

If you already have a set top box hooked up to your TV, you can relax. You're already there.

If, however, you have other TV's in your home and they don't have a box. You're going to need to get one for each.

There's no charge for the box itself which you can pick up at the local Charter office or order by phone.

It comes with installation kit with full instructions and the company swears you can do it in minutes. If you don't feel comfortable you can have a technician come and install it, but the visit is going to cost you $30 bucks.

Either way, the company promises a clear picture and more HD choices on every set.

It all sounds fairly straight forward, but you may be left with some questions.

Such as those channel numbers you've memorized. Will they be changing?

For the most part no.

There will be new channels added, but most everything else remains the same. KOLO 8 for instance will still be found on channel 8.

One exception: the local government community access channels will be moving. The good news is they'll all be together on channels 191 through 194.

Charter says the various packages will also remain the same, though again, there will be more channels.

And, we're told, if you have programs recorded on your DVR, they won't be affected.

And again, if you've already got a set top box connected to your TV, you're good to go, but you'll need a box for each set in the house.