Centering Pregnancy Programs

RENO, NV - Gwennyth Gifford will be one-month-old this Friday; her sister, three-year-old Gemma, loves her sister very much.

While both their births were uneventful, their mom and dad say *their* experiences were slightly different between the two kids.

They say a centering pregnancy the second time around made a big difference.

”Which is a group setting to do your prenatal care and what's great about centering is, all the people in the group will be February babies,” says mom Shayla Gifford.

“The connection with the people is amazing. The fact that we are still in touch, we are literally routing each other through the child births,” says Galen Gifford, a new dad for the second time.

At Women's Health Specialists of Nevada, six to ten couples sign up for the centering pregnancy experience for a total of ten sessions.

Men are here to learn just as much as the women during these meetings that occur after hours.

The women weigh themselves, check their own blood pressure, and then spend some time with a nurse midwife who measures the baby and checks vitals.

Then the group sits and talks about the topic of the evening; on this night it is Fears of Labor.

Couples say they like the format because they get more information than they ever would one-on-one with a health professional, and if you consider the time here, it's more than they would ever spend in an exam room.

”We are seeing that women say they are more satisfied with their care and better prepared to have labor and birth and take care of an infant.,” says Denise Rubinfeld, a certified midwife who helps run the program and deliver babies.

Renown Pregnancy Center has a similar centering pregnancy program and they are working with the Strong Start for Mothers and Newborns Initiative.

A Medicaid and Medicare program, it hopes to find out if centering pregnancy programs reduce preterm births, make healthier mom and babies, and ultimately reduce health care costs.