Cashing in on St. Paddy's Day

RENO, Nev. - You won't find any green beer here, but you will find plenty of Irish stout. At Ceol Irish Pub in Downtown Reno, a sea of people fills the patio of ceol pub all celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

Every year, the owner Ron McCarty brings on extra staff to make sure everyone has a good time.

"It is absolutely insane," Matthew Cleveland, a volunteer staffer for the day, said. "Every year- rain, snow, complete sunshine- it is very busy here on St. Patrick's Day."

While every bar around town is pouring out the specials, there's something special about Ceol.

Thanks to the staff's hard work, Ceol really is the bar where everyone knows your name.

"Yeah it does feel like a family bar," regular Cody Johnson said. "Everybody knows who you are. Every bartender will remember you after one meeting."

That's something the owner strives for.

"We want everyone to feel comfortable when they're here," McCarty said,

The hard work pays off. Year after year, hundreds of people come through the pub on the Irish holiday. To keep all their drinks filled to the brim, McCarty says he orders about 70 kegs of beer just for the day.

But with extra staff, kegs, and music, he also says the holiday costs him a lot of gold coins.

"A lot of additional costs go with it along with discounting prices and things of that nature," he said. "So it's typically not as profitable a day as some people may think

Still, don't think the pot of gold won't be filling up. The night is an investment. On this one day, McCarty will do about two week's worth of business, and once people are in the door, they want to keep coming back.

"My birthday's next week so we'll probably come here and many more times throughout the year," regular Mike Richardson said.