'Cash Mob' Leaves Positive Impact on Local Businesses

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RENO, Nev. -- April marks the one-year anniversary of the Reno-Sparks Cash Mob. The idea is "shop local first," by featuring a small business and urging everyone they can to stop by and shop on the same day. After a year, a dozen mom and pop shops have benefited from being "mobbed."

It's been a little under a year since the Cash Mob visited Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee and business has never been better.

"We met a lot of new people who never been in our shop before and gave exposure of our product to those people," Tim Curry, Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee said.

Curry is one of eight wood-fire coffee roasters in the nation, he says the key to his success is building local relationships. He doesn't do paid advertisement, so the Cash Mob helped spread his business through word-of-mouth. It's how they helped promote Grassroots Bookstore in February.

"Nevada's been hit so hard by the economic crisis more-so than the other states so the more money spend on local businesses means more money that's reinvested in our local economy and we could really use that boost, which you don't get when you buy at chain stores," Clarissa Young, Grassroots Bookstore employee.

When you buy something from a local business, 68 percent of your dollar will stay in the community.

"Every local business has been struggling as of late," Young said.

According to Cash Mob organizers, they have helped a dozen established local businesses that have struggled to stay afloat, by using Facebook to get people to spend money at a specific local business on the same day--hoping that they'll become repeat customers.

"We have definitely been surprised at our sales in the past few months in the time that's typically pretty low-sales wise-for any retail business," Young said.

Randy Pease, co-founder of Cash Mob says they will be venturing into new venues like art galleries and restaurants later this year.

To find out where the Cash Mob will be next, click n the link below. The Cash Mob features a new business every month.