Caseloads Dip at Nevada Courts, But Appeals Rise

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - The number of cases filed in Nevada district, justice and municipal courts fell slightly in 2012, but the caseload at the Nevada Supreme Court increased.

An annual report on the Nevada Judiciary shows filings statewide were lower in criminal, civil and juvenile cases.

At the District Court level, only cases involving family law increased, growing by 1,676 cases to 69,328.

The Nevada Supreme Court saw 2,500 matters filed in 2012, 105 more than the previous year and keeping it one of the busiest appellate courts in the country. Nevada has no intermediate appeals court.

In Clark County, Nevada's largest, the district courts handled 94,740 non-traffic cases, for a per-judge caseload of 1,822. In northern Nevada's Washoe County, the per-judge caseload was 1,251.