Carve Tahoe Begins at Northstar

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Artists from around the world are out in the cold at Northstar, creating wintry works of art.

It's all for Carve Tahoe, which is an international snow sculpture event. It's attracted snow sculptors to Northstar to make masterpieces out of huge blocks of snow. The public can watch them as they work through Tuesday.

"The sculpting teams that we have are amazing. These are some of the best teams in the world. Literally, these teams are so award-winning, they go to all the big competitions in Russia, Breckenridge, Sapporo," says Kathryn Keown, Carve Tahoe Founder. "We have the best teams. So to get to see these works of art that are only going to be here for a couple of days before they melt away, it's really quite something."

Judging takes place at 10am on Tuesday and that evening, all of the completed sculptures will be lit up for a special ceremony.