Carson City IHOP Will Reopen This Year

Courtesy John Davidson
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Carson City, NV - The IHOP on South Carson Street has been closed for more than a month, but it still gets a lot of traffic: people drive by to look at the building and others walk up to the front to get a glimpse inside.

Petra Jacobs is visiting from Germany. She followed news of the shooting on the Internet when it happened last month and says reopening the restaurant is the best thing.

"Because if it doesn't open, the murderer will win," she says.

Like many, she still can't get over what happened at the IHOP on the morning of September 6th. That's when 32-year-old Eduardo Sencion, a diagnosed schizophrenic, walked in and started shooting off an assault rifle. Four people, including three uniformed Nevada National Guard members, were killed. Seven others were hurt before Sencion shot and killed himself.

Each day, people like Montie Waite, still come by to visit the makeshift memorial outside in the parking lot.
And he thinks the IHOP should have been turned into a permanent one, or...

"Tear it down," he says. "I understand corporate America and they need to have the building occupied and used. But how difficult is it to find a new spot? There are plenty of places to rebuild."

Donyelle McCauley agrees: "I think it's kind of crazy that it's going to open. I think it's too soon and I think especially for the families that lost loved ones, it's going to be hard for them," says the Carson City resident.

But others say, bringing the business back will just help the community heal faster.

"I'd go," says Carole Taylor, who was visiting from Lake Tahoe. "Welcome back and mourn for the people who were there that day. So you just have to move forward."

An IHOP spokesperson would not say if the restaurant would keep the same employees. She would also not say exactly when the restaurant would reopen, only stating that they hope to do so before the holidays.