Carson Sheriff's Officials Challenge Boss; Washoe Sheriff Race Heats Up

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CARSON CITY, NV - Carson City Sheriff’s Sergeant Daniel Gonzales has filed to run for Carson City sheriff, running against Sheriff Kenny Furlong, who filed for election to a fourth term this week.

According to a news release, Gonzales is running for sheriff with the goal of increasing integrity, transparency, and accountability in the Sheriff’s Office, as well as restructuring the department to put more deputies in positions to better serve Carson City. “I understand today’s issues and have the vision to meet tomorrow’s challenges,” he says. “It’s important that we increase the level of service and transparency to our citizens.”

"I believe the Sheriff’s Office can do more for citizens with the 16 million dollars that is provided to them, from the people of this city. The Sheriff’s Office is not evolving. We need to embrace technology to increase efficiency and the ability to reach out to citizens."

As part of his goals, Gonzales says he will work to eliminate redundant and unnecessary positions. “I have already identified over $600,000 in budget funds that can be reorganized to procure more deputies out on the streets to keep our communities safe from drugs and gangs,” said Gonzales. With these re-allocated funds, Gonzales says he intends to create a new detective position to focus on crimes against children, elder abuse, elder exploitation and domestic violence. Additionally, Gonzales says he is dedicated to making schools safer, specifically through providing safety education to students and adding two new school resource deputies to the middle schools.

Moreover, Gonzales says he will expand on current programs through bolstering currently allocated resources. “I will give the employees and volunteers of this department the tools necessary to serve this great community, as it deserves,” said Gonzales.

Also filing for sheriff is Carson Deputy Sheriff Don Gibson, who has been with the office since 2000.

In a news release, Gibson says some of his goals are to develop and implement a special team (Sheriff’s Community Youth Team) to improve the communications and trust with Carson City’s kids and the Sheriff’s Department.

He also says he wants to eliminate management positions and reallocate funds to the hiring of additional line staff. Gibson said the line staff is responsible for handling the community’s needs. He says he will re-focus the internal drug unit to combat drug dealers using long-term investigative tactics. He also wants to implement a Sheriff’s Town Hall program so the residents of Carson City can bring concerns and solutions to his attention.

"If elected, you can be sure to see me throughout the community in an effort to stay in touch with you. I want to build confidence between the Sheriff’s Department and you by earning your trust and establishing a fair and honest reputation. I feel we need each other to get the job done the right way," says Gibson.

Also this week, retired Washoe County Sheriff Sergeant James Beltron announced his intent to run for Washoe County sheriff. He adds his name to the list already occupied by Undersheriff Tim Kuzanek and NHP Trooper Chuck Allen.

Sheriff candidate Daniel Gonzalez
Sheriff candidate Don Gibson
Sheriff Kenny Furlong, running for re-election