Dynamite Destroyed in Carson City Neighborhood

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CARSON CITY, NV - Residents in a Carson City neighborhood are back home after an overnight evacuation that started with fears a house could blow up.

Tuesday, an elderly man walked into the Carson Sheriff's Office and said when he used to live in a house on Bath Street, he stored dynamite in the walls. He believes this was up to twenty years ago.

He moved out shortly after, and other people have lived in the house since then. It's been vacant for about six months, with the current owner living in southern California now.

Tuesday, a bomb squad found several sticks of dynamite, and the neighborhood was cordoned off because of a concern about the old dynamite crystalizing and exploding. Officials say the sticks of dynamite were extremely unstable, with a case of the explosives capable of a 300-foot blast radius.

The dynamite was safely removed early Wednesday and burned, and the house and neighborhood are now considered safe, according to Sheriff Kenny Furlong.

Furlong says no charges are anticipated against the former homeowner.