No Weapon Found After Lockdown; Middle School Student Charged

Parents waiting to pick up their children at Carson Middle School
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CARSON CITY, NV - A lockdown is over at Carson Middle School after reports of a threat proved unfounded and made up.

Sheriff Ken Furlong tells KOLO 8 News Now about 1PM Wednesday, a student reported a threat by two other students with a gun. The school was immediately put on lockdown while deputies searched the school, looking for evidence of a weapon.

After about two hours, Furlong says, no weapon was found and deputies had a chance to talk to all the students they believe were involved. They found no evidence of a weapon or other threat, and they believe the reporting student made the whole thing up. That student has been charged with filing a false report and has been taken to juvenile detention.

Once the school was deemed safe, students were okayed to be picked up by parents.