Carson Man Gets Maximum Sentence in Manslaughter Case

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CARSON CITY, NV – A 33-year-old Carson City man has been sentenced to the maximum sentence for voluntary manslaughter.

At sentencing Tuesday, the defense argued David Grimes acted in self-defense in the shooting death of James Lay. Assistant District Attorney Mark Krueger sought the maximum sentence and argued that Grimes' version of events of self-defense did not match the evidence. Grimes took a gun to the victim's home while dropping off his son, the victim’s stepson. While at the home, Grimes and Lay began to fight, the fight ended, the two fought again outside the home and Grimes shot Lay. As a result, Krueger asked for the maximum sentence of ten years, with parole possible after four.

During sentencing, Judge Wilson stated that in sentencing a defendant the court looks to deter crime. In handing down the maximum sentence, he stated that the community must be deterred from bringing firearms to a child exchange between parents especially in a heated situation. “The District Attorney’s Office through this prosecution, and the court through this sentence, sent a clear message that violence, particularly when children are involved, will not be tolerated. This office will continually bring to justice those who choose to promote violence,” said District Attorney Neil A. Rombardo.

Carson City Sheriff’s Office arrested Grimes in the early morning hours on February 4, 2013. Sheriff’s reports indicate Lay was extremely intoxicated on Super Bowl Sunday, February 3, 2013, when Grimes arrived at Lay’s Carson City home to drop off his son, Lay’s stepson. After a verbal and physical altercation inside the home, the situation calmed down and according to reports, temporarily ended. Eventually, as Grimes left the home, Grimes and Lay became entangled in another physical altercation in which Grimes pulled his firearm and shot Lay, killing him at the scene.