Carson Cleans Up After Storm

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CARSON CITY, NV - Parts of Carson City were still a mess on Tuesday. Several parts of the east side of town were covered in mud after Monday's storms.

"I was amazed that there was that much water flowing," said Nicki Aaker, a Fermi Road resident who was not home when the flooding happened..

We showed her video how her house was inundated with mud.

"It is still amazing to look at the video," said Aaker.

What's amazing is how much mud ended up in her front yard. Nicki, her husband and a friend on Tuesday were spending the first of many days cleaning up the mess.

Up the street, George Stanton saw it all happen right around 2:15pm.

"I could see the storm coming in. i did not anticipate it being anything like what we saw," said Stanton

What he saw first was hail, about 2 and a half inches of it. Then the rain came down hard. Water was rushing down the hillside bringing with it mud and rocks. The culverts that were supposed to carry the water were quickly plugged.

"With the type of intensity that this storm came with. It would be very difficult to design something that would take everything and not get plugged up," said Rob Fellows, Carson Storm Water Engineer.

Fellows says all around the east side of town, the volume of water was too much for the system.

"Just the amount and sediment and debris that came with the water was something that we had not seen before," said Fellows.

That is most evident on the north side of Prison Hill. Homes on Carson River Road were surrounded in three feet of mud.

"It came down this ravine and into a culvert and the culvert got plugged up and once it was plugged up it just started flooding all over the road and down our driveway and through our property," said Jerry Vivant, who lives on Carson River Road.

It all happened in about a half hour, but it is going to take a lot longer to clean up. Many of the storm water culverts around town are still packed with mud. The focus right now is get them clear so when the next storm comes, it does not leave as big a mess.