Carson City's Dancing with the Stars

Contestants prepare for Dancing with the Stars Carson City.

CARSON CITY, Nev. - With the judges seated and ready, Carson's Dancing with the Stars was in full swing Saturday night.

The dancing stars had some ups and downs, they all tried to dazzle the judges in hopes of winning the mirror ball trophy.

Though the night was all about the dancing, behind the scenes, some healthy trash talk between two of Carson's top dogs.

"Oh yeah, we're gonna take him down for sure tonight," Carson City's District Attorney Neil Rombardo taunted.

"I'm up for the challenge. Bring it on," Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong replied.

Rombardo threw down the gaulent, challenging Sheriff Furlong to a little bet. The performer with the loudest audience applause had a hundred dollars donated in their name, by the loser.

"I thought it would be fun to do that," Rombardo said. "He's the reigning champ here in Carson City."

Of course the Sheriff doesn't back down from a challenge.

"You know if he's got extra money, that's okay with me," Sheriff Furlong said.

But the real winners of the evening weren't the dancers. It was the National Student Nurses Association. They organized the event to raise funds for a nursing conference.

"We really wanted to go on this conference cause we have leadership opportunities, and nursing scholarships," Lindsey DiMartino, organizer of the event, said.

With the top names putting their pride aside, the nurses packed the Carson High School gym.

"The best thing is it's all the community people coming together to help them out," Carson Fire Cheif and Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Stacy Giomi said.

Sheriff Furlong won the bet, but both him and Rombardo decided to donate $200 each to the Student Nurses.

Miss Carson City, Vannesa Macais took home first place. Kimberly Seifert, owner of Lake Side Properties won second, and Shelby Hunt, part of the Carson Tahoe nursing management, won third.