Carson City Sheriff Warning of Phone Scam

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CARSON CITY, NV - The Carson City Sheriff’s Office has received a large number of reports from local residents regarding a telephone scam, according to a press release sent by Sheriff Ken Furlong.

According to Furlong, residents have been complaining that they had received telephone calls from the current Carson City Undersheriff, Steve Albertsen, and were warned that police had a warrant for their arrest.

The scam originates from a variety of phone numbers, and do not appear to be from a local source

Furlong says the caller may have some accurate information, such as a resident's address or types of vehicles they own. Most frequently, the scam informs the caller of an unpaid traffic violation resulting from intersections with camera enforcement mechanisms.

Although the report volume has been high, Furlong is unaware of any financial losses resulting from the scam.

To report telephone scams of this nature, please contact the Carson City Communications Center at 887-2014.