Carson City Recluse's Gold Coins Auctioned Off

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The public is getting its first look at those millions of dollars worth of gold coins authorities discovered inside a Carson City home, after the homeowner died. There was an auction inside the Carson City Courthouse to sell off half of the gold, in order to raise money to pay for the taxes.

Inside the Carson City Courthouse, it was an auction unlike any other.
Nearly 3.5 million dollars worth of gold coins - all found in one place - were being auctioned off to the six bidders who put their names on a list.

The Sheriff's Office had never uncovered so much gold hidden in one home. The discovery was made last summer on Mountain Street after Walter Samaszko, Jr. died. No one knew he had hoarded so much gold. On Tuesday, that treasure brought out bidders, hoping to get a share. Among them, Allen Rowe, who owns Northern Nevada Coin.

"The real story of just somebody hoarding so much gold and yet living so modestly in such a modest way is really kind of an odd thing for most people," says Rowe, about his fascination with this gold.

In less than an hour, all 11 lots of gold were auctioned off for about $3.5 million. That's what experts had predicted.

The rest of the gold that wasn't auctioned off will go to a substitute teacher in California. She's Walter Samaszko's first cousin and the only relatives of his authorities could find. She will also get all of the profits from the auction, after the $800,000 in taxes is paid off.