Carson City Inn Fire Sends One Woman to Hospital

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CARSON CITY, Nev. -- A Carson City hotel evacuates after fire erupts in one of the rooms, sending one woman to the hospital. Firefighters were able to knock down the flames before they spread to the whole building, but tenants worried they could be left looking for a place to stay.

Tenants of the Carson City Inn scrambled out of their rooms after a fire broke out a little after 5:30 Saturday evening.

"It's scary when you wake up and see nothing but a black wall," said Dustin Brown, who has lived there for a month.

"I was sleeping and a buddy of mine was banging on the door, trying to wake me up and I walked into the hallway and it was covered in smoke," said Allan Formeyer, a tenant for one month. " put my shirt on as quickly as I could and that's all I could grab."

Crews knocked down the fire in the matter of minutes but flames left room 226 unlivable, sending a woman who lived in it to the hospital with minor injuries.

"The room is pretty much fire damage as far as being burnt up from the bed that caught on fire, but luckily, we didn't have extensions through the wall or through the other rooms in the hotel complex," said Battalion Chief Bob Schreihans of the Carson City Fire Department.

The enclosed hallways made it difficult for the smoke to escape, forcing all 60 rooms had to evacuate.

"The carbon monoxide levels get really high, and that's the silent killer for folks," said Schreihans. "Anytime there's smoke in an apartment complex like this, we'll evacuate the people. We want to make sure everybody out, so we don't have to worry about additional victims from a fire."

Firefighters believe the fire started from a lit cigarette.

"If you are smoking and you have on oxygen involved, it's obvious that the two don't go hand in hand," said Schreihans. "If you are smoking, it probably isn't a good a idea to smoke in bed with oxygen in the building."

The investigation is ongoing, but tenants have been cleared to return to their rooms for the evening.