Carson Choir to Sing With Foreigner in Reno

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CARSON CITY, NV - Have you ever wanted to have a jam session with your favorite rock-star? It seems out of the question, but for a lucky high school choir, they'll do just that this weekend.

It's really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; Saturday night, the Carson High Chamber Choir will join Foreigner at the Silver Legacy on the song 'I Want to Know What Love Is.'

It's not the type of song you'd usually hear a choir perform, but the Carson High Chamber Choir Thursday was practicing a power ballad.

"It's an exciting experience since it is different than what we normally do," said Chrislyn Lyons

The group only learned 5 days ago they would be singing alongside one of the best-selling bands of all time.

"I am always looking for opportunities for kids to get exposed to different kinds of music. Different styles, different genres," said Andy Sonnemaker, the choir director.

This opportunity really fell in their lap. Foreigner chooses a local choir to perform with them in many of their concerts.

"They have partnered with the Grammy foundation and they are working to keep music in our schools alive," said Sonnemaker.

These kids were passionate about music before, but now even more than before.

"And to find out that I could preform with them is just super cool," said Brent Lauderbaugh

"It's awesome, I couldn't believe it was true," said Courtney Baxter.

"And then I was like, ohhhh. That's so cool. I am excited," said Dylan Shirey

The song is a timeless one. Foreigner has been singing for almost a decade longer than these kids have been alive, yet they still all know the words and can't wait to sing along.

"The kids get to see what real life performing is... Where the rubber meats the road on stage and interacting with the audience," said Sonnemaker.