Carnival Announces Improvement Plan

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Carnival Cruise Lines is making a major announcement Wednesday aimed at improving ship reliability and guest comfort.

This comes after a recent string of cruise ship issues that left some passengers stranded at sea and dealing with alleged unhygienic conditions. The improvement plan is said to be a direct result of the Carnival Triumph fire in February 2013.

Wednesday Carnival will showcase a new fire safety technology and show how it’s working to improve the level of operating redundancies across the 24 ship fleet.

The $300 million dollar enhancement and upgrades are underway, according to Carnival.

Carnival says these actions will expand the availability of hotel services for the comfort of its guests in the rare instance of a shipboard event that involves the loss of main power. The plan is also said to reinforce key shipboard operating systems to further prevent a potential loss of primary power.

This announcement comes on the same day Carnival Corp. says it will repay the U.S. government for costs associated with dealing with the disabling accidents of Triumph and Splendor.

The exact amount isn’t being released, but Carnival said it will submit payments.

U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia had previously claimed the engine room fire aboard the Triumph not only left passengers stranded in poor conditions for five days, but it also cost the Coast Guard $780,000. Rockfeller also said the January 2012 stranding of the Splendor off the coast of Mexico cost the Coast Guard and Navy $3.4 million.