Carjacking Victim Sues NHP

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RENO, NV - The woman who was carjacked by a man who stole an NHP truck is suing the Nevada Highway Patrol for more than $1 million.

It was late January when troopers pulled over Devin Peterson and his friends on Interstate 80 near Mustang. Troopers say Peterson jumped out of the car, hopped into the NHP truck and sped off.

Other troopers shot out the tires of the truck, but Peterson used the trooper's shotgun to carjack Marie Coates. Coates is now suing, claiming the troopers weren't properly trained to handle the situation and didn't use reasonable care, and their actions exhibited a reckless disregard for the safety of citizens.

Troopers say Peterson ended up wrecking her car and shooting himself in the chest with the trooper's shotgun.

Coates claimed while she was being interviewed by troopers, they uncovered his dead body for her to see. She's suing for emotional distress and mental anguish.

The suit, also claiming punitive damages, "intended to punish the defendants so they will correct their reckless behavior."

The Nevada Highway Patrol has yet to comment on the suit.