Canvassing the City with Art

RENO, Nev. Every year, Artown is represented by a signature poster. It's one of the most commonly viewed pieces of art. Even if you haven't been to an Artown event, chances are you've seen the poster hanging in shops scattered around the area.

But who is the talented artist behind the work?

In the months leading up to July, the Artown committee makes a call for artists to submit work they believe represents the event. It's a long, and anonymous selection process. The selected images have ranged from paintings to graphic design, but this year a former street artist won the honor.

Meet Bryce Chisholm.

"I call it street art. Some people call it graffiti," he said.

Semantics aside, every time Chisholm shakes his can of spray paint, something amazing appears.

He has a very unique style; a mixture of stencils and spray paint. But at one glimpse it's clear what some may call graffiti, is truly art.

"To say that it's not just because it's spray paint is kind of ridiculous," Chisholm said.

He is a former street artist turned paid artist for the City of Reno.

" I don't like simple tags that deface property, and a few years ago when I had children, I thought I can't be arrested and go to jail for doing something illegally."

Once Artown is over, the posters will be taken down, but Chisholm's work will still remain.

You can find it scattered around town, in ally ways and on rain gutters and electrical boxes. His goal is to bring beauty to decaying places.

"There is a beautiful side of it. Instead of just throwing a tag lets put up an amazing image that's really beautiful that people want to look at."

And ultimately turn Reno into an art destination.

"I'm an art tourist. When I travel, I want to go around a look at the murals and the street art. Tourists capture it and put it on their Instagram and it's great press. Reno is more than the arch."

Chisholm likes to share his work as well. He scatters magnets around town with his art on them, and leaves clues to the location on his Instagram account. His handle is @ABCartattack.