Speed Limit Could Be Raised to 85

FERNLEY, CA - A stretch of highway on Interstate 80 east just outside of Fernley has a posted speed limit of 75.

Barring the outside of some rural Nevada towns along this roadway that speed limit continues all the way to the Utah border.

But some Nevada lawmakers think the speed limit should be higher here, 85-miles an hour to be exact.

And they've introduced a bill to do just that.

But some Fernley residents we talked to say 75-is plenty fast enough.

“I don't really think its necessary 75 is pretty fast, and if you get to 75 most people are doing 80 any way so if you bring it up to 85 they'll go 90,” says Steve Cordes, a Fernley resident.

“Accidents are going to increase. I think it's bad news,” says Drake Robin another Fernley resident.

Senate Bill 191 would allow the Department of Transportation to decide if this stretch of roadway should have a higher speed limit.

While NDOT says it takes no position on legislation, it does say if given statutory license to make such a move it would be based upon analysis and if such a speed is warranted.

The bill has wide ranging support from both democrats and republicans in both houses including Senate Majority Leader Mo Denis

The bill was introduced just Monday and is now on its way the Senate Transportation Committee for its first reading, and first hearing.

The two highways most affect by Senate Bill 191 are Interstate 80 East outside of Fernley, and Interstate 15 in Southern Nevada from Las Vegas and Mesquite. Both could have their speed limit increased to 85 mph.