Standoff Near Cannan Elementary Ends

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RENO, NV - A lockdown at Cannan Elementary School is over and so is what police thought was a standoff.

Reno police say when parents arrived to pick up their students at 3:30 Friday afternoon, they heard what sounded like gunshots coming from a house across the street. The school was placed on a precautionary Code Yellow lockdown and police swarmed the neighborhood.

Police spent a little more than an hour trying to make contact with residents of the home, then determined the residents were asleep and unable to hear police trying to be in touch. There is no evidence of gunfire and nobody has reported being hurt.

Police say there is no sign of any crime at this point, and there's no word what parents heard that sounded like gunfire.

Students were allowed out via controlled release to parents and school buses about an hour after the incident began.