Cannabis Business Set Up in West Reno

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RENO -- While medical marijuana dispensaries are becoming legal under state law in Nevada in April, a cannabis business is already setting up in west Reno.

"Elements Cannabis Center" opened near Mae Anne in January. Owner Shane Smith said right now he sells CBD products, but hopes to open a medical marijuana dispensary once it becomes legal.

"CBD is just a component out of marijuana that provides all the same medical benefits as marijuana does, ADD, it helps with fibromyalgia, it helps with cancer," he said.

Among the products sold are CBD drops, locations and shampoos. CBD is not psychoactive, and not

Smith said his business is also offering consultation on obtaining medical marijuana cards.

Although medical marijuana is allowed under state law, it remains against federal laws.

"I think it's a good thing to have over people's shoulders the federal government that way they're not going outside the lines and the rules," Smith said.

Last year, the legislature authorized medical marijuana dispensaries to open to supply patients. Patients previously had to grow their own plants.