Candidate Night Lets Voters Decide

RENO, Nev. - Candidates for Reno City Council participated in Candidates Night Sunday to give undecided voters a chance to have their questions answered.

The event was hosted by the Temple Sinai, and organizers say it all started with wanted to help the community.

"Given this is campaign season, we said 'lets have a candidates night for the Reno City Council," Doug Goodman, President of the Board of Trustees for Temple Sinai said.

All eight candidates agreed to meet and answer voters' questions. Most voters agree the biggest concern is debt.

"I want to know how they are going to get us out of the financial holes from the Event Center, the Aces Stadium, the Bowling Stadium, the train trench," Neva Donovan, an undecided voter said. "Where's the money coming from to pay for all these things Reno agreed to pay for?"

Goodman says giving voters a chance to speak to candidates face to face gives them an opportunity to learn more about the person they may vote for.

"Not only can you hear the talking points, you can see their expression," he said.

Goodman says he hopes the event cleared up confusion for many undecided voters.