Campaign Sign Theft Caught on Camera

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RENO, NV - Roy Foster owns a service station on Keystone Ave and West 5th in Reno. Outside he proudly displayed a campaign sign for mayoral candidate Chuck Reno, but Thursday morning he watched two women steal it in broad daylight. "I don't know what the motivation would be," he says, "but it is a violation of my first amendment rights."

The women may not have known that they were caught on surveillance camera. The video shows them as they pulled up behind the shop, then walk toward the sign. Unable to remove it, they brazenly entered the business asking for wire cutters. They told Foster they were taking the sign to replace it with a larger one. Foster said he believed them and gave them the tool.

As he watched them struggle to fit the sign into their car, he says he noticed another smaller campaign sign for Chuck Reno inside. Foster says the car had California license plates. He considered writing down the number, but didn't. Still, the situation seemed odd, so he called his candidate of choice to find out what was happening. That's when Foster learned the women had lied.

"If these two ladies come forward and tell me if a candidate requested them to do that, I won't press charges," says Reno, who filed a police report after learning of the incident. He feels his campaign signs were targeted, and it could be the work of another candidate or their campaign. At this time he's not speculating on who that might be, but he is asking anyone with information to please speak up. Meanwhile, he plans to rearrange his remaining signs to maintain high visibility until the primary election on June 10th.