Cameras Will Watch for People Not Paying for Parking

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RENO, NV -- Cameras will soon be used to notify parking enforcement of expired spaces downtown. The effort to catch people parking without paying is part of the relatively new parking meter system installed downtown last year. Traditional meters were replaced with Curb System kiosks. People key in a number for a parking space and may use coins or a credit card to put time on the space.

"They just don't work, you push buttons and nothing happens," a driver said.

Problems with the system led to the City of Reno asking Curb System to correct issues. Curb System said it has made the system easier to use, and it has received positive feedback.

However, the problems have made it difficult to enforce fines. The parking fines go to Reno's general fund, which pays for everything from firefighters to park maintenance.

"Throughout the city there's a low compliance ratio at the moment," Kane Dutt of Curb System said.

Dutt said adding cameras has been planned from the beginning of the system.

"Sensors were always in the road map... whatever system was installed would have the ability to detect the absence or presence of a vehicle," he said.

He said the cameras should be installed within a few months.