California Chrome Boosts Local Gaming Industry

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RENO, NV - We are just a few days from a run at history. California Chrome is in line to become the first horse in 36 years to nab the coveted Triple Crown, giving the local gaming industry a big boost.

All bets are on California Chrome June 7. After pulling wins from the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, the Belmont darling is now up for his seventh win in a row scoring him elusive Triple Crown.

Horse racing dates back to the 1600s in the states, making it one of the oldest sports in American history. Some horse players have been making bets for more than half a century.

California Chrome has already helped break records at the sports books, but winning the Belmont Stakes will land him in the history books.

"They think the best breed was Kentucky, then New York, then California, but California are moving up the ladder; they're just as good as any," said Joe Sieder, a horse player at the Peppermill Casino.

"Because of the hype around this horse, we're getting a lot of interest from people who don't normally have interest in horse races," said Terry Cox, race and sportsbook director at the Peppermill Casino.

Some of players read the paper to get their research, while others bank on intuition.

"A first feeling is more than knowledge and afterwards, knowledge more than feeling," said Sieder.

"[California Chrome] is a local horse and he's the poor people's horse, a regular guy because that's what he is," said Henry Sawicki, a horse player said. .

Don't expect to win a lot of money if you're betting on California Chrome, but some things are worth more than money.

"Because this is such a momentous occasion, you can make a five dollar bet and keep it," Cox said. "Just never cash the bet and say, 'I got a $5 bet on California Chrome the day he won the Triple Crown."