Cadets Graduate, Remember Fallen in Las Vegas

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CARSON CITY, Nev.--The deaths of those two Las Vegas officers, cast a shadow over a police cadet graduation in carson city today.

"As you don the bullet resistant vest. You cinch up your duty belt, put your pistol in your holster you also don the mental attitude to take on the challenges of the day," said Joe Sanford, Former Lyon County Undersheriff and the keynote speaker at the graduation.

Sunday's shooting was still fresh on everyone's mind as they gathered to honor the graduates at Western Nevada College. The police academy is the only one in the state not directly tied to a specific law enforcement agency. But it's entirely possible one or more of the cadets could end up at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Despite the fact that 55 officers across the U.S. have died in the line of duty this year, the cadets are still excited to serve their communities.

"I am really hoping this is going to be a long successful career and I am looking forward to it," said Christopher Ballesteros, Valedictorian of the class.

In the twenty years the cadet program has been around, its 360 graduates have ended up in law enforcement careers all across Nevada and the United States.

On average: 96% of the program's graduates are placed into law enforcement jobs.

Here are the names of all the graduates.
Carson City
Christopher John Ballesteros, Ian Eric Carl, Elan Reese Flores, Kyle Christopher Powell, Shane Everett Roberts, Wade Nicholas Wolford

Sam David Ugalde

Savannah Dawn Cecilia Gray, Joshua Mahlon Teter

Christopher Michael Lotz

Brian Kirk Green, Mitchell Shane Hammond, Jesus Lopez-Torres

Jordan Montgomery Chmelovsky, Christian Daniel Deriso, Michel Scott Hall, Jesus Marquez Ramos, Jessica Erin Zamora

Washoe Valley
Erik Bartel Wilhelm