CHP to Honor Driver Authorization Cards

Governor Brian Sandoval signing the Driver Privilege bill into law
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SACRAMENTO - KOLO 8 News Now has learned the California Highway Patrol will honor Nevada’s Driver Authorization Cards allowing undocumented immigrants to drive legally.

Officer Adrian Quintero says the cards are considered an authorization card to drive in the state of Nevada, so the CHP will recognize them. The law in Nevada has specific language prohibiting the Department of Motor Vehicles from sharing information with immigration authorities, and Quintero says if a driver is pulled over in the state of California, they won’t have to fear ICE either. On a normal traffic stop, ICE isn’t involved. Only if the driver winds up in jail would there be the potential for immigration officials to find out about their status.

Quintero does say California law states if you work in the golden state, and live there, a person must get a CDL within ten days.